India is a developing country and with increasing development, the use of social networking messaging sites is also prevailing vigorously, especially among youngsters. With a lot of time, Indians are compelled to use various non- Indian messaging sites and apps for their convenient and entertainment. Now, Gone are those days, when people have to use foreigner’s social networking sites. India with its full of its sovereignty, power and zeal has introduced a new revolution in the field of social networking called IAMON. As name refers it has rooted the entire world in itself. IAMON is the Invention of New India. It will lead to play an active participation in forming a Digital India. It connects the people throughout the world with features and Characteristics which has never been introduced ever. Here in IAMON family users can share, receive & send (messages, photos, videos, , checkIn, Gif, Ads, job, story, page, group, album, event, product, vote, etc). It’s not limited to this only, it’s introduced with many possibilities and research to make it better and convenient is going on. Time has come to prove Patriotism towards the nation by saying goodbye to all non-Indian apps which we used to use earlier on. India takes a pledge to give your contribution in introducing a new and modern revolution by using India’s largest social Networking Indian site IAMON. This is the only Indian app exists like Android. So India get ready for a new world.